Safety standards


Cat Safety Eyewear


Many eye injuries occur when glasses are lifted to

get a closer look – that’s why clarity of vision

through your protective eyewear is crucial.

Keep them on throughout the job!



Cat® safety eyewear eliminates the reasons why

you’d remove the frame.  Anti-fog coatings and

ventilation systems, anti-scratch and easy clean are all features that enhance your visual experience.  Single hand lens angle adjustment means you don’t have to remove the frame to alter the inclination.


As a frame is only as good as its fit and no two faces are alike, Cat frames are ergonomically

designed to flex-fit your individual facial shape.  Temple lengths and angles can be individually

adjusted, and snap lock into position for security.


Cat frames offer optimum protection.

Polycarbonate lenses provide the ultimate ocular shield, locked in three directions to resist impact from front or side.  Frame materials are tested to resist chemicals and impact from particles.


Cat has the comfort and style angle covered too.  Looking good and feeling good in your eyewear

increases wearability.  Flexible materials offer a

pressure-free fit for continuous wear.  Tips and bridges are non-slip. Frames are lightweight.


Engineered to the core for total comfort, optimised

reaction times and better risk assessment.

Your clear vision ensures reduced risk of injury.


Cat safety eyewear meets and exceeds

the following international standards for

quality and safety:


CE EN 166:2001

ANSI Z87.1:2003

CSA Z94.3:2007

AS/NZS 1337.1:2010

Lens is ultrasonically cleaned prior to fog prevention

coating to maximise optical clarity

Treated in a purified and strictly

dust-free environment

Lenses tested for optical and mechanical

perfection, impact and chemical resistance,

high and low temperature response, and by

coating analyser and abrasion tester to

ensure quality

Hard coated both sides for resistance to scratching by

fine particles, acids and solvents for ultra-clear vision

High comfort rubber tip composite

Multi-length adjustment with four locking positions

Rubber nose fit molded for comfort

Protective brow guard injected in strong and flexible nylon - this perfect finish resists corrosion, air pollution and continuous skin contact

Lens locks into housing for secure impact resistance

2.2mm polycarbonate lens material tested at velocity to shield from impact

Crystal clear optical class 1 lens for all models - distortion free vision, reduces

eye fatigue and headaches - for continuous daily use

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