Your Eyes





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at extremes of temperature



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Symbol of mechanical strength

at extremes of temperature

Cat safety eyrewear meets and exceeds the following international standards for quality and safety.



CE EN 166:2001

ANSI Z87.1:2003

CSA Z94.3:2007

AS/NZS 1337.1:2010


The standards scientifically prove that all Cat frames:


•  Withstand extreme pressures of

   heat and cold


•  Resist mass impact at velocity


•  Shield against chemical splash


•  Provide excellence in optical quality

   including resilience to UV and other

   harmful rays


Your Eyes


The eye is a fragile organ - a small fleck of dust can cause conjunctivitis, a solid particle at high speed can cause a perforation of the eye, the detachment of the retina, or permanent loss of sight.



Acute irritation of the eye and burns from chemicals and solvents can also cause partial

to total loss of sight.


In the UK the Department of Trade and Industry reports 120,000 accidents involving eye injuries every year.  In the US 1000 work-related eye injuries occur every day.  Over 10% of these result in a missed day of work.  The majority of  these come from foreign objects, blows, chemicals and cuts to the eye - which are all preventable by wearing the correct safety eyewear.

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